Catching Up

Hello everyone!

 I know it’s been quite the dry spell with blog posts, and there are no excuses except the usual boring ones about being busy, so I won’t go into them.

 I’m coming upon my last month in Spain, which is pretty weird. It’s hard to imagine that this wonderful experience drawing to an end, and I’m torn between wanting to stay with the sunshine in Madrid and wanting to eat a proper hamburger and give my family & friends GIGANTIC hugs. So I’ve decided to make the next month full of a lot of work (I do still have to finish my thesis!) and good, quality time with my friends here. I’ve been able to meet a lot of really incredible people, for which I am grateful, and I can tell we all have some really great adventures ahead of us!

 Below I’m putting some pictures illustrating some of the shenanigans from the last few months—pictures are more fun to look at than reading long paragraphs. Enjoy, and much love to all you readers!



(P.S. What these pictures reveal are the highlights of the last few months, leaving out the many, many hours spent in the library, which I promise actually happened)


Group photo of our trip to the Basque Country in the north of Spain (green and mountainy, lots of delicious seafood, and excellent company)





The Aqueduct in Merida (the Roman ruins there are the best place to make you feel like you’re in Gladiator)


ImageVisiting our friend Cervantes in Toledo


ImageA proper Spanish barbacoa (good friends and good food, what more could you want??)


ImageTouring Spain with Mom and Pat (We made it to Toledo, Cordoba, Granada, Barcelona, and Madrid for Easter)


ImageMom in front of a procession in Granada: For Easter, brotherhoods belonging to each parish carry the very heavy wooden floats with the church’s icons (usually Jesus/Virgin Mary) through the streets, dressed in long robes and pointed hats that make you think of the Ku Klux Klan, but are actually traditional clothes they began wearing centuries ago.


ImageAnd a little jaunt to Ireland