Picking Up Speed

Hello all! Speed Read at the bottom, although the entry is pretty short this week!

I’m sorry I didn’t stick with my usual blogging schedule, but the last week and a half has been busy busy busy! It’s like I’m going to school or something.

Classes are starting to get really interesting; right now I’m reading a lot about Muslims in Spain in the 16th century. Basically, in 1492 all of the exciting things happened—Columbus sails for America, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella reconquer Grenada, the last Muslim stronghold in Spain (they’d been ruling for about 700 years by then), and the Jews are expelled from Spain. Interestingly, Muslims were allowed to stay until 1609, as long as they converted to Catholicism, before they also got ejected from Spain, whether they’d converted or not. That hundred-ish years between 1492 and 1609 were super interesting as far as politics, literature, culture, history, economics, EVERYTHING are concerned, so I’m just trying to read everything I can about it right now for our mini research papers that may (fingers crossed) turn into my thesis in the spring. Stay tuned!

Last weekend was pretty excellent too. Thursday we returned to the wonderful taco place, then Friday my roommate Amanda introduced my other roommate Caroline and me to a café called La Infinito. It has wifi, bookshelves, tea, GIANT cookies, and excellent music. What more could you want for a study space?? Plus, when I returned there on Sunday to study, I was lucky enough to catch a live music performance of a blues singer/piano duet. I can’t vouch for my productivity during that time, but it was pretty neat anyway.

Also last week, I helped serve wine at a Spanish wine tasting that NYU hosted for the undergrads, so I am now an expert in seven Spanish wines.

This weekend is going to be pretty exciting, because we grad students have a required trip to….Sevilla! We leave Friday morning and return Saturday night, so it will be short and sweet and packed with tours of all flavors. I’m really excited for it, and will I hope post some pictures the next time to get a chance to blog! (Though with four papers due in the next two weeks, it may take a little while!)

Thanks for hanging in there with me folks, I hope you’re all well!

Abrazos (hugs!),


Speed Read

–School is great but getting busy

–16th century Spanish Muslims!

–Giant cookies and good music!

–Weekend trip to Sevilla!


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